During Session 6, the Technine Team was at camp and they held a sponsor night that has become a yearly tradition at Windells: the Technine Doughnut Eating Contest. Plates of mini powdered doughnuts, covered in piles of extra powdered sugar, were placed on plates lining a row of picnic tables in the courtyard. Technine riders Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Nick Poohachoff, Ben Bilodeau, Brady Larsen, and Luke Haddock were on hand to dole out doughnuts and judge the competition.

Everyone has different strategies for eating their doughnuts quickly. Some campers crushed up the mini doughnuts into crumbs and ate them that way. Other campers, as seen above, fit all of the doughnuts they could into their hands and gobbled the sweet breakfast treats from the sugary pile.

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A competitive spirit and appetite for donuts!


Eat as many donuts as possible!
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Submitted by: Britney Muller, (Marketing - Partner)

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