To the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Well I was afraid to surf when I was just a lad
My father took away my board and told me I was bad
But then I learned a word that only every surfer knows
It's the longest word you've ever heard but this is how it goes Oh

Super California surfer expert on the ocean
Even though most of them do not wear suntan lotion
But when they hit a wave you know they'll always be in motion
Super California surfer expert on the ocean!

Umdiddle iddle
Umdiddle eye
Umdiddle iddle
Umdiddle eye
(During this part, you can gradually get faster and repeat the lyrics. Do this as many times as you want.)


Just know the lyrics and have crazy amounts of enthusiasm. You'll do great :)
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Submitted by: Sophie Wilber

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