Place four to seven counselors in a line facing the audience. Have each choose a superhero (Incredible Hulk, Superman, The Flash, etc.).

They all need to have one arm raised that will act as the lever, which when pulled the counselor does the action of the superhero picked (Hulk smash, flies around, runs really fast). The last person to have their arm pulled is always Aquaman. Aquaman will need to get a mouthfull of water before the skit starts.

The tour guide will take another counselor or camper through the line, with Aquaman being last. The tour guide will announce that this is the Superhero Museum. They will introduce who the superhero is and ask the tourist to pull the lever. When the tourist pulls down Aquaman's arm, Aquaman spits the water at the tourist. Depending on who is the tourist judge whether you can spit the water in their face or just on their shirt.


5 or 6 counselors, one playing Aquaman, tour guide, and tourist, the others playing random superheros.
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Submitted by: Taylor Ford

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