As a girl scout troop when I was younger we planned one of the weekend encampments for the rest of the troops. We went with a survivor theme and everyone had a blast.
Arts and Crafts:
plunger for each team
candles for each team
colored construction paper
any other embellishments
First hot clue the candle into the plunger. I also suggest using a small nail to stick it in as well since it doesn't like to stay very well.
Each team gets one torch. Teams can be split as cabin mates, troops, or program groups. As a group they all can decorate the plunger. This encourages team work.
Obstacle courses work well for these. If there is a big age range you may want to make the course a little bit easier and gear some things towards smaller kids like climbing under things.
Canoe races can also be fun if you are near water. unlike swimming most people can canoe which evens out the playing field. An interesting twist, blind fold the person rowing and the other team member has to direct them where to go. This can be made as a relay race so every team member can participate.
Night Time Activities:
Make sure the counselor's or oldest responsible person is carrying the torch to the evening campfire lit. Noone's torch will be snuffed out, but it makes a great effect. If its windy or alot of trees before you get to the campfire, just light them when you get to the campfire. If you want to make it safer cut a hole out in the bottom of the plunger and attache it to a flashlight.
Skits have always been a popular thing in front of the campfire. Each team has to come up with a skit and perform it that night. Make sure you have adults judge the competition.
Original smores is another fun activity. Ask each team to come up with a new way to make smores taste even better. Have them turn in the new recipes to you during the day so that there are no duplicates. This is something to assign at breakfast time. At night you all can share and cook up the new recipes.
Food Competitions:
When we did ours, Fear Factor was pretty big and we had the gross food competition. None of the food was actually gross, but everyone was blindfolded. we had gummy bears that sat in water for a day (this get really mushy and weird feeling) wet cold spaghetti, chocolate cookie crumbs that felt like dirt. I am sure there are a lot more creepy and gross food out there you can come up for this.
Lunchtime Loudness
This is good if you have a camp song. Each team has 1 chance to sing the camp song or song of choice as loud as they can.
Any other activities can be added of course, these are just some things we did and ideas we had.
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Submitted by: Amy Scott

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