1. Form a circle, standing on Polyspots preferably, or use chairs (but be careful, as people have been known to fall backwards this way)

2. In the center of the circle, place the Boffer on top of the Polyspot

3. Choose someone from the circle to start

4. Chosen one picks up the Boffer and walks slyly around the circle

5. Chosen picks another person to swat at (pick a safe area that is legal to swat)

6. Chosen then must place the Boffer back on the Polyspot and get back to their spot before the Swatted picks up the Boffer and swats back

7. If Chosen is swatted before making it back to their spot, they remain “IT”

8. If Swatted misses or does not swat back in time, they become “IT”

9. If Chosen fails to place Boffer correctly on the Polyspot, and it falls off, Swatted has two choices, they may either pick it up and swat back, or let it lie, in which case the Chosen must take another attempt to place it on the spot and return to their spot before being swatted.


A Boffer (very soft straight “sword”), Polyspots, one for each player +1
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