Players are divided into three or four groups such as Sugar Maple, Beeches, Yellow Birches, Ironwoods.

In an appropriate and defined area, players stand touching their trees -only one player per tree. "IT" stands at a centre spot and calls the name of a group. "Beeches" for instance. At this signal, the designated group changes places with one another, running from one Beech tree to another Beech tree. "IT" tries to claim a tree of his own during the interchange. If "IT" is successful in claiming a tree, the player who is left without a tree becomes the new "IT". If "IT" calls "FOREST", everyone is required to change to another tree of his team's name.

To end the game, it is fun to have "IT" be "IT" for four or five rounds of the game, calling "FOREST" each time. As "'IT" beats a player to a tree, that player is eliminated. In this way, some trees may be all together wiped out from the forest, as could happen in our natural environment.
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