The goal of this game to get everyone on the same team you are one! Once all kids are on the game team, the game is over and a new round can begin.

• To start the game, break the kids into two teams, boys vs girls.
• Each team will be assigned a “symbol.” To start have one team place one hand on their head, the other team must place one hand on their hip. Send the teams to the woods then, at a “base” just for the start.
• Once the game begins kids must tag members of the opposite team. If someone is tagged, they immediately join the team they were tagged by. For example if I were on the hip team and someone from the head team tags me, I would not be on the head team.
• If two people tag each other at the same time they will play RPS. Whoever wins will get credited with the tag, making the other person on their team now.
• No one can puppy guard a RPS match to get someone back onto their team.

If the game is going fast add some new elements:
1. A staff team with a new symbol (one hand touching their chin)
2. Have staff with gator balls tagging people causing them to sit down until the round is over
3. No one can be tagged if they are touching trees
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Submitted by: Dana Chauvin

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