Ok, this is possibly the most amazing camp game known to man. It sounds absolutely ridiculous; but my staff tried it during training and loved it. If a group of college-aged students can become so involved and competitive, imagine how it is for campers!

Campers are divided into two teams. Two sticks need to be found (NOT pulled off of a tree), and they should be of equal length and density (about a foot long and a quarter of an inch thick works well). Boundaries need to be established, including a starting zone and a finish line about twenty feet away or so.

Each team lines up behind the starting line. When the game begins, the first players from each team need to kick the stick as far and as hard as they can. The object is to move the stick from the starting line to the end line without picking it up. (Be sure to state that they cannot wedge the stick between their flip-flops and run with it, or anything of the kind. It has happened! ) Once reaching the finish line, the players run back to their team carrying the stick and drop it to the next camper in line. Each player goes once; and the first team to complete the task wins.

*I know this games sounds a bit lame, but honestly, it's all in the explanation. A talented counselor knows how to get kids excited about the smallest things!


Two sticks. An open area to run. Enthusiastic counselors who know how to sell a game to kids.
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Submitted by: Amanda Frank

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