- prepare group numbers and place under chair before hand
- after compete registration, ask them to check the number placed under their chair and form group, introduce among group
- then they will be given same mission separately and have 5 minutes discussion time
- there are few station in the area
- you are given 30 minutes to get as much benefit to your team as possible
- no station sequence, you can play any station you think you capable of, and give up any time in middle of playing that station
- after 30 minutes, all station stop
- play cup song ' I'm Gone', all compete with time
- decoding
- aerobic, while other team member rap tongue twister
- solving math in 3 minutes
- complete 4 wave in 3 minutes, duck walk, frog jump,
- dakji winning streak combo
- treasure hunting
- the more station completed in session 2, candidate will have advantage to start earlier
- every completed station earn the team 3 minutes
- find mission card, complete mission, get a clue for the treasure hunting
- a total of 10 different clues
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Submitted by: Long Kah Jeng, ()

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