Tee Pee Shuffle

The Tee Pee Shuffle is simply a log or pole on the ground that groups can balance on. You can make one with more of a finished look by elevating the log.

The objective is to have the group perform various tasks while balanced on the log.

Sample Tasks

  1. Build the challenges in increasing degrees of physical demand. Start with having the group get up on the log for a certain length of time.
  2. Once balanced, have the group do "bobs" by collectively squatting up and down a certain number of times without falling off.
  3. Have the group arrange themselves by shortest to tallest while balancing on the log.
  4. Have the group arrange themselves by birth month, number of siblings, or age.

Some facilitiation tips:

  • Be aware of the groups success rate. Remember that the process is important, not just the act of balancing. By progressively making the challenges harder, you can provide opportunities for success.
  • If the group is working as a team, but has reached their balancing limits, stop and debrief.
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