This is a great twist on the games Telephone and Pictionary!

Start out with a group of five or more (the more, the merrier!), and give everyone a stack of index cards equaling the amount of people playing, as well as a pen or pencil. For example, in a group of five, each person would receive five index cards.

In the first round everyone should write a sentence on their top card. Try to make it something fun and descriptive. Everyone then passes their entire stack of index cards clockwise to the next person in the circle, keeping their sentence on top.

That person would now read the sentence you just gave them, put that card at the very bottom of the stack, and draw a picture depicting the sentence they just read on the top card.

Then everyone passes their entire stacks of cards again, keeping the picture on top. When people see the drawings, they would put that card at the bottom of the stack, and write a sentence describing what they see on the top card.

The pattern continues until you receive YOUR stack of cards that you started!

Once everyone receives their own stacks, you begin with your first sentence, and read and show it aloud like a picture story. The story usually becomes pretty convoluted, which makes for a hilarious time. This is a really fun game that will have everyone cracking up!


Stack of index cards, or small pieces of paper Pen or pencil
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Submitted by: Kirsten Schaffert

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