One time in a little town was a couple who had two twin girls. The girls always got along and did great in school. One bright and sunny day, their mother decided to go into town. She asked the girls if they wanted to go and they said "yes." So she got ready to go and they set off. But, when they got to the road, they didn't look both ways. As they crossed, a semi came and killed both girls. At the funeral, the mother thought it was all her fault. so two years later, she had two more twin girls. They looked the same as the other two and had the same traits. The parents never told the about the other twins though. So one day, the mother decided to go into town so she and the girls went. However, when they got to the road, the girls pulled back. They said,"Mommy no. You are going to get us killed again."


Try to act out some of the girls traits and how you think they would react. Also, say that it happened just a couple of miles from the camp sight.


You are trying to freak them out by thinking that the girls may still be out there.
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Submitted by: Something Another, (The thick fog at midnight - alfalfa)

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