back in the day, before telephones, people used to use tellograms. we wanted the kids to know what it was like
start by marking a bunch of trees with different colored tape (at least 4 different types)but make sure no two have the same amount. then get random items (e.g. baseball mits empty bottles - be creative)place the items by specific trees , remember which tree it is by (which you know based on how many peices of tape are on it) then, split your campers into teams . each team gets 20% "BASE COMANDERS" 10% MESSENGERS and 70% FEILD AGENTS . the base comanders are told in detail what object they need to bring back at the moment, but they need to WRITE a 3 word line that the messengers and feild agents have to decifer to get the correct item .
if the base comanders speak to the messengers or write more than 4 REAL words they only get 5 seconds to find the item.if the messengers or agents bring back the wrong item they lose a point
the team with the most points wins
note; if you havemore than 20 people its smart to make more groups
you may also want to cut the tape in a certain pattern for some trees or fill some bottles with sand, or the next items description


at least 10 people


gets people to be considerate to the way others think
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Submitted by: Yoni Chanowitz

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