This activity is great for the first day or just when ever your group has free time. It works best with more people, and everyone should be honest when playing.

Have everyone sit in a circle or close enough to be able to hear everyone. Tell them to hold up all 10 fingers.

A counselor can start off by stating one fact about themselves. For ex: "I have never been to Florida." or "I have blue eyes."

Then the participants who havenít been to Florida, or don't have blue eyes, will put one finger down.

This will continue around the circle, having each person share one fact about themselves until someone is all out of fingers.

Itís better to try and use less obvious, unique facts about yourself because there is a chance that more people will have to put a finger down if they can't relate to your fact.

Who ever has the most fingers left at the end of everyones' turn wins!

This is a great way to pass the time and learn about each other while having simple fun.
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Submitted by: Adrienne Logan

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