ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, today we have with us the bravest camper in the world. Lets meet him (or her, of course).

BRAVE CAMPER: [camper steps up and takes a bow]

ANNOUNCER: Folks, lets see how brave he really is. Here comes Dracula, a blood thirsty fiend.

DRACULA: [Dracula approaches camper with hooded face and rises up ready to attack]

BRAVE CAMPER: [Smiles at vampire and shakes Dracula's hand]

ANNOUNCER: And now, we have a werewolf, a ferocious and horrible creature of the night.

WEREWOLF: [Charges up to brave scout, snarling and clawing at the air]

BRAVE CAMPER: [Yawns as though he is absolutely bored]

ANNOUNCER: And now he faces the mummy, a ghastly undead monster.

MUMMY: [Lumbers, moaning, towards the brave camper with hands outstretched reaching for the brave camper's neck]

BRAVE CAMPER: [Looks at watch like he is ready to go home]

Repeat announcing all the monsters, brave camper continues to show no fear, just friendliness, boredom or indifference.

ALL MONSTERS: [Gather around behind the brave camper ]

ANNOUNCER: Well, as you can see nothing can scare this brave camper , not even the worst monsters in the world. And now, our Camp Director will present the trophy to this fearless lad.

BRAVE CAMPER: [As the Camp Director approaches the brave camper looks up, then with a terrified look on his face he runs away from the Camp Director screaming]

MONSTERS: [Also afraid of the Camp Director they yell, scream and moan as they run off stage]


A simple trophy cut out of cardboard. Can be labeled "Bravest Camper Award"
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