Now old Mr. Johnson had troubles of his own,
He had a yellow cat who wouldn't leave his home,
He tried, and he tried, to give that cat away,
He gave it to a man going far, far away....

CHORUS (Have the kids slap their knees and clap their hands while doing this part!)

But the cat came back,
The very next day,
The cat came back,
He thought he was a goner,
But the cat came back,
He just couldn't stay away.

He gave it to a man with a great big box,
Covered in chains and a thousand locks!
With the cat inside, he threw it in the sea,
Then he went back home and swallowed every key...


He put him on a rocketship
Bound for Mars,
For seven days and nights he flew to the stars.
It crashed against an asteroid in the middle of space,
Pieces floated everywhere but left no trace...


*We make this one more interesting by making up our own gestures that match each stanza of the song!


None! This can be done while sitting in a circle, or standing - as this is not a repeating song, it is better if you do it week after week with the kids so they can anticipate each stanza. There should be a Leader or Teacher that is familiar with the words to lead the song.
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Submitted by: Tamara Stimpson

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