In between acts during a show, have two campers or two counselors repeatedly run through the stage screaming, one person chasing the other.

The chaser holds a bat or stick and wears a funny piece of clothing, such as a grass skirt. The person being chased just has to make a show of screaming and running for his life.

After several rounds spread out in between several acts, the chaser finally catches up and grabs the runner, who turns to face the chaser in fear.

The chaser says "Tag. You're it," and gently hits the runner with the bat.

The runner says "Aw man!!!" and they exchange items. The chaser gives the bat and funny clothing to the runner, who puts it on.

Now the person who was chasing before is now the runner and starts screaming and running away, while the new chaser screams and runs after.
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Submitted by: Brian Hsieh

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