This works better with older campers.

Get all the campers to sit in a circle, and pass out paper. Ask the campers to write a question on the paper on one side, but not the answer.

Collect the papers and randomly give them back, making sure that nobody has the same question as they wrote. Tell them to write the answer to the question on the back it can be as silly and crazy as they want.

After that, collect the papers again and randomly pass them back out. The person that starts off the game will read the question that they got to the person beside them, and they will read the answer on their own paper. That person asks their question to the next person, and so on. You get crazy questions and answers like "Why are leprachauns only in Ireland?" "Because the flamingo sat on my aunt.".


paper, markers


To get the craziest answers. great for a rainy day.
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Submitted by: Jackie Rowley

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