One day there was a very happy littel donkey walking through the field. He was just minding his own business when all of a sudden, he fell down a well.

Now this well was a really deep well and without help this donkey was never going to get out of it.

So the little donkey started to making a right kerfuffle trying to attract the attention of the farmer.

Eventually the farmer does hear something coming from the field and he goes over to investigate. He sees the little donkey down the well and has no idea what to do.

So after a long peroid of deliberation he decides the kindest thing to do is to bury the donkey. This way he wont have to go through the prolonged agony of being starved to death, which would surely happen if he just left him down the well.

So the farmer starts to dig and dump mud into the well. Now being a very determined little donkey, he was thinking hard about how to get himself out of the well. Jumping hadnt worked and neither had trying to climb the walls, when all of a sudden a pile of earth hit him on the head. This was really inconvinient because it disturbed his train of thought. Then he was struck again. This second blow was of more use than the first because the donkey began to realise that maybe he could use this to his advantage.

So with every spadeful of dirt that came down and landed on the donkey, he would shake it off and step up onto it.

And he continued to repeat this

Shake it off and step up

Shake it off and step up

Eventually the little donkey got close enough to the top of the well and was abl;e to climb up. This donkey shows us that with just a little determination, anything is possible
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Submitted by: Emma Wanostrocht

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