Doctor: I'm the doctor, and I can cure anything. I can even prove it
C1: (Comes in coughing) Doctor (Achoo!) I canít stop coughing! (Achoo!)
Doctor: I can handle that! Give me that pen in your pocket.
(C1 gives pen to doctor, and doctor puts it on)
C1: I'm cured!
(Doctor starts coughing)
C2: (Comes in and collapses) Doctor, I keep collapsing! (Collapses)
Doctor: I can cure that (cough). Give me the hat you are wearing.
(C2 gives the hat to the doctor, and doctor puts on)
C2: I'm cured!
(Doctor, coughs and then collapses)
C3: (Walks in, keeps hitting himself) Doctor, I keep hitting myself! (Hit)
Doctor: (Coughs and then collapses) I can cure that! Give me your shoe.
(C3 Gives his shoe to the doctor, who puts it on)
C3: I'm cured!
(Doctor collapses and coughs and keeps hitting himself
C4: (Walks in with pillow under shirt) I'm pregnant!
Doctor: Oh God! (Runs away)


You need four people (Doctor, C1, C2,C3, and C4) You need Pillow, pen, hat, shoe
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Submitted by: Henry L., ()

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