Michael and Tami were newlyweds. The day they became engaged, they both agreed that they would move to Florida instead of raising a family in chilly Michigan, where both had been born. When the two came home from their honeymoon, they were extremely excited to make the move- all of their things were packed, the moving vans were revving, and the house had been secured for a good price through Michael's close friend in Florida, Dean Diamo, who worked in real estate. But there was one little problem. Tami had recieved a call from her mother asking her to visit before she moved to Florida. As somebody needed to be at the house when all of the pair's posessions arrived, they agreed that Michael should fly down while Tami visited with her mother for a few days.

When Michael arrived at the new house, he began setting everything up. The first thing that was turned on was the computer, so he could send an email to his wife. After typing up a short greeting to her (he was no Shakespeare) he sent it and relaxed for the night.

But the email never reached Tami: Michael had spelled the address on the email wrong, and instead it went to the computer of an old woman whose husband had recently passed away. After reading it, she fainted clean on the floor and had to be revived by ambulance workers.

This is what the email said:

Dear Honey,

I'm missing you loads. Everything is prepared for your arrival in a few days. The D-man says he's been waiting for us for years.

Love, Your Husband

P.S- Sure is hot down here!
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Submitted by: Claudia Delphina

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