Here is the scenario: The jungle is on fire, and the animals must keep themselves wet to avoid being burned.

This is a relay race. You need a bucket of water and a cup per team. Set the water bucket and the cup about 15-20 yards away from each team. There is also a list of animals that each team has. The list is as follows:
1. Gorilla
2. Bat
3. Leopard
4. Snake
5. Kangaroo

The first person to run must run like a gorilla, the second pretends to fly like a bat and so on. Gorillaís must run with their arms and legs held out awkwardly away from their body. Batís must flap their arms wildly. Leopards must run on all fours. Snakes must get on their elbows and knees. Kangaroos must hop. Once 5 people have run, the 6th person will start the list again as a gorilla, the 7th will be a bat and so on. Once they reach the water bucket they must fill up the cup with water and throw it over themselves. Game ends when the teams have been through twice. The very last person must pick up the bucket and put it on their heads.


Bucket of water. Cup. List of animals.


Win the race.
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Submitted by: Mike Dawson

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