We have found while playing this game that if two people have each other as a target and one is tagged that then one is left with their own name. we haven't figured a way around it so what we would do is then, have the person who has their own name, sit out as if they had been tagged.

P.S. You may ask why we call it the hat game. well we had no idea what to call it. Every time for drawing we would use a hat instead of anything else, I guess that is our reason.


setting up: This game is some what like tag. To start off have everyone who is playing write there name on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. Once that is done then have them draw a name from the hat and let them know that it isn't a good idea to tell anyone else who you have. (you can if you want)


Rules: The name you have drawn from the hat is now what you call your target which you have to tag. To tag your target you have to have at least one team member to be allowed to tag your target. (you can team with your target and tag them that way) After you have then tagged your target they have to tell you who they have as a target. once they have told you who their target was you then have that person as your new target.
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Submitted by: Elizabeth Reynolds

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