Set up two boundaries across from each other on a flat playing surface. Choose two participants to be “The Kids From Mars”.

They are it and should begin the game in the middle of the two boundaries. The rest of the players should line up along one of the boundaries facing “The Kids From Mars”. Play begins when “The Kids From Mars” chant "We're the kids from Mars, we'll steal your candy bars, if you're wearing..." and they will choose a color or some item that the players are wearing. Any player wearing that item or color must attempt to run across the playing field to get to the opposite boundary.

If they are tagged before they reach the other side, they must sit in that spot and become a helper for the rest of the game. They can tag players who run past them but they must remain seated. Those who make it across without being tagged wait behind that boundary line until “The Kids From Mars” call out the chant again. Play continues until everyone is tagged or there are only two players that haven’t been tagged. For safety, only let children run in one direction at a time.
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