This is a Birthday activity

Have the birthday camper sit in a chair near the middle of the "stage". the two Conselers are in a canoe and row up they start talking to one another saying how the lighhouse is out and that they need to put in a new "light" they get out and tie the boat. they then start walking around the kid (in circles) and about after the third time they stop on the side and come to a locked door. They start arguring on who brought the key. they run back down the stairs get the key from the canoe and go back up unlock the locked door. they then keep going around the camper until they reach the top and notice they don't have a lighter or light. they go back down threw the door then to the canoe grab the light and go ALL the way back up. when they reach the top they make the light then go "1-2-3" on three they kiss the camper on the cheeks. since the camper is totally unaware of what is happening it is cute and funny. afterwards you sing happy birthday and give cake or whatever. hope this is a skit you introduce into your program.


1 chair 1 key 1 lighter or matches and 1 camper (B-day Boy or girl)
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Submitted by: Jay Baustad

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