Assign the following parts to the campers, who, as the story is read, will perform their parts as the assigned group appears in the unfolding.

MAGIC FOREST - Stand up, turn around and clap hands
FAIRY QUEEN - Say "Your Majesty", stand up and bow
BROWN OWL - "Hoot Hoot"
MOSS - "Fairy Carpet"
WATER - "Ripple Ripple"
ANIMALS - Choose and animal and make a sound
BERRIES - "Yum Yum"
BIRDS - "Tweet Tweet"
TOADSTOOLS - "Fairy Magic"
LAUGH - "Ho Ho"
LEAVES - "Rustle Rustle"
EVERGREENS - "Creak Creak"

Once there was a little girl who lived in the MAGIC FOREST under a large TOADSTOOL and slept on some lovely green MOSS. She liked to lie on the MOSS and listen to the LEAVES, EVERGREENS and ANIMALS. She ate BERRIES and drank WATER from the brook. This little girl whose name is Happy, loved to LAUGH. She would LAUGH at the other children, the BIRDS, the ANIMALS, the EVERGREENS, the MOSS, the BERRIES, the TOADSTOOLS, and even the LEAVES, for she was so jolly. However, Happy would LAUGH even if someone were in trouble. If a little boy fell from an EVERGREEN, got caught on a BERRY bush, tangled in the LEAVES, fell from a TOADSTOOL on to the MOSS with a bump, or even into the WATER, still Happy would LAUGH.

Finally, the other children went to BROWN OWL who was hidden in the LEAVES of the largest EVERGREEN of all down by the WATER. "BROWN OWL", complained the children, "Happy LAUGHS at all of us children, the ANIMALS, and just everything, all the time." "I thought it was good to LAUGH", said BROWN OWL. "Not all the time" said the children, and the BIRDS, and the ANIMALS and the EVERGREENS, LEAVES and BERRY bushes all agreed. "Well", said BROWN OWL, "Let's ask the FAIRY QUEEN. So the FAIRY QUEEN came to the meeting in the clearing in the EVERGREENS close to the BERRY bushes, in the shade of the LEAVES down by the water, on a very large TOADSTOOL, surrounded by lovely green MOSS. BROWN OWL, children, BIRDS and ANIMALS told FAIRY QUEEN about the problem of Happy who always LAUGHED. "Sometimes it is not helpful to LAUGH", said the FAIRY QUEEN. So by special magic, FAIRY QUEEN sent a message by the LEAVES, through the MAGIC FOREST for Happy to come to her. Happy, heard the message of the LEAVES and came running. As she neared the TOADSTOOL, the EVERGREENS reached out a root and tripped her gently - just enough to send the little girl tumbling into the WATER. FAIRY QUEEN, BROWN OWL, BROWNIES, BIRDS, ANIMALS, LEAVES, MOSS, EVERGREENS, TOADSTOOL, BERRY bushes, and even the WATER LAUGHED as hard as they could at the poor, wet Happy. Happy's feelings were hurt badly when they all LAUGHED. She could not understand. So FAIRY QUEEN and BROWN OWL took her up on the TOADSTOOL and kindly explained it to her.

Forever after, Happy never LAUGHED at anyone in trouble. She thanked the FAIRY QUEEN, BROWN OWL, the BIRDS, ANIMALS, LEAVES, MOSS, EVERGREENS, TOADSTOOL, and even the WATER for showing her how to be helpful in the MAGIC FOREST.


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