This skit doesn't have to be done with makeup... any routine will do... such as getting ready in the morning.

One person sits on a bench while a partner hides behind them. The first personís arms are behind him/her, and the partner inserts their arms under the first persons' arms. In other words, the person on the bench is doing the routine without the use of their arms.

The partner performs all of the actions even though they cannot see. So, for instance the partner applies lipstick and eye shadow and powder and all kinds of make up.

The person on the bench acts like they know what they are doing. Talking about what they want to do next and where they are going and perhaps making excuses for why they are getting the makeup all over their face.

The purpose is mostly to make a mess of the actor which campers always seem to appreciate.
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Submitted by: Laurie Horstman

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