Divide the players into pairs, and give each pair the name of a herbivore. Each pair is given the opportunity to devise a strategy for 30 seconds before each round of the game is played.

One person is chosen to be the carnivore. He is given the noise-maker and a blindfold. The pairs of herbivores divide after their strategy session, and each moves to opposite ends of the playing area (an open field is ideal). There, they put on their blindfolds.

On "go" each half of the pair tries to locate his partner. The carnivore stands at the center of the playing area, and tries to capture (tag) as many herbivores as possible. The carnivore may stand still and remain quiet, but every time he walks or runs he is required to use the noise-maker, so that herbivores will know that he is on the prowl. If a herbivore is tagged before he finds his mate, he loses a life. When a player has lost five lives, he is eliminated from the game.

Each time the game is played, the herbivores are asked to locate their mate by different methods, as listed below:
1. Sound -a pre -arranged mating call is given when a herbivore touches one knee to the ground. No sound may be made when players are moving forward.
2. Touch -a silent game in which each person has a piece of cloth, which is matched (in texture) to his partner's piece of cloth.
3. Smell -Each pair is given a jar with a particular odor. Partners must find the mate with the same odor.
4. Taste -Each pair is given a small jar with a food item. Players taste other player's food items until they locate the one who has the same taste.


Blindfolds and a Noise Maker
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