You have a group of campers form a circle, about an arm's width apart from each other. Two campers who have volunteered stand in the middle of the circle. The two campers in the middle of the circle are blind folded and spun around.
A leader places an item “The Mystery Bopper” somewhere within the circle. It can be next to someone but it has to remain in the circle. Items that work best for the “The Mystery Bopper” are foam balls, bandanas, hats, etc. Anything that won't cause bodily harm.
The leader yells go. The two campers in the middle have to try and be the first one to locate and pick up the “The Mystery Bopper”. Once one camper has located the “The Mystery Bopper”, everyone shouts “Bopper found!” The camper who found the “The Mystery Bopper” now has to try and tag the other camper in the circle, while the other camper tries to avoid the camper with the “The Mystery Bopper”. The other campers standing in the circle are there to make sure the campers in the middle don't go outside the circle. The game ends when someone is tagged with “The Mystery Bopper”.
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