Line the chairs up in a straight line, except one chair who is out facing the rest. Have everyone sit in a chair (can be done by playing some other game, or just random seating) and assign each chair a position from left-to-right or right-to-left. The first chair is the president's chair, then vice-president, then treasurer, then secretary, and all remianing chairs are assigned numbers from 1 to the end of a line. The chair at the front is not assigned a position.

When everyone is ready, the person at the front begins by saying the position of a chair in the line. The person sitting in that chair must then quickly say "(thier own chair position) calls (another chair position)", with each person who's chair is called continuing the pattern. If someone does not respond quickly enough, or says their own chair incorrectly, or if another chair speaks out of turn: That person must stand up and everyone behind that chair position moves over a chair and attains the new position. The person at the front then takes the final vacant chair and the person standing up takes the front chair. Play continues for a set amount of time determined beforehand.

When play ends, the winner can be determined either by who was the president the longest, or by the final chair positions when the game ends.


Enough chairs for everyone in the group


To be the president when the game ends
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Submitted by: Matt Curtice

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