Start off with a counsellor being the director of the skit getting their actors (fellow counsellors ready for the skit. Begin with a basic theme (nothing special).

1-2 counsellors acting as the doctor/ambulance, 1 counsellor act as the mother, 2 counsellors acting as the kids, and one as the director.

The director calls actors to their places and calls "Action!". The doctors are off in the corner and kids are in the hall (or in the corner). The mother begins by saying something like she is making pudding for her kids while stirring in her invisible bowl. She then calls her kids in and tells them about the pudding, once they start to eat it they are to fall over dead.

Once the kids fall over the mother calls the doctors and the doctors run in and announce the kids dead. At this point the Director calls "Cut!" and says the acting sucked, they could have done better, etc. and asks the campers for a new theme such as Star Wars, valley girl, gangster or others.

With each theme the counsellors can make it seem more and more wild however they choose.
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Submitted by: Jon Kropf

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