Reporter walks on stage and stand behind the log.
REPORTER - I haven't had a good story in ages and my boss said if I don't get one today I'm fired. I'm not going to get one, so I'm going to jump off this cliff.
Reporter sits down on the log, looking down towards the ground.
Robber walks on stage, reporter sees him and speaks to him
REPORTER - What happened to you? You look really sad.
ROBBER - I am. I just stole millions and millions of dollars then left it on the bus I was traveling on. I'm here to jump off this cliff.
REPORTER - Sit down with me we'll do it together.
Robber sits down next to reporter
Basketball player walks on stage
ROBBER - Whats wrong with you?
BASKETBALL PLAYER - I just missed the basket that would have won the championship. I'm here to jump off the cliff.
REPORTER - Wow, you better sit down with us.
Basketball player sits down next to robber.
Clown walks on stage looking really sad
BASKETBALL PLAYER - Whats wrong with you?
CLOWN - I'm not funny and today the children booed me when I was on stage. I'm here to jump off this cliff.
ROBBER - You better sit down with us here.
Clown sits next to Basketball player
Reporter - Okay lets all stand up and do it together.
All stand up on top of the log.
REPORTER - On the count of three. One, two
ALL - Three
Robber, Basketball player, and Clown jump off the log while reporter stands there.
REPORTER - Wow what a story I cant wait to write it down.
Rushes off stage to write it down.


4 scouts - Reporter, Robber, Basketball player, Clown. 1 large log - to pretend it is the egde of a cliff.
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