Camper 1 should have a decent sized piece of a greenish/yellow fruit roll-up laying on their skin - "the scab".

Camper 2 should be sitting next to Camper 1 - repeatedly pointing to scab and whispering/poking at it to Participant 1.

Camper 2 should increase the frequency and/or urgency of their interest/poking/eyeing of the "scab" to the great distress and aggravation of Camper 1 - to the point of having to slap Camper 2ís hands back several times and being a great distraction to the overall event.

Camp Leader 3 should be doing normal activities in front of the group - explaining the day's events or whatever purpose the group has been called together to hear. Because of the distraction of Camper 1 and Camper 2,the Camp Leader explains to everyone that Camper 1 fell down and skinned up their leg/arm/face (wherever the "scab" is located) - make the story elaborate and embarrassing to add drama.

Just as the Camp Leader finishes explaining how the scab came to be....Camper 2 should reach in, pluck off the "scab" and eat it.....shock, terror, joy, gasps will ensue.
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Submitted by: PK Huddleston

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