This is the ship game. There is one person in the front of everyone else, this person is the captain, and everyone else is the crew. The captain will shout out commands and everyone has to follow. Basic commands are:
Portside- everyone runs to the left
Starboard- everyone runs to the right
Seasick- everyone pretends to throw up
Captains Daughter- everyone pretends to be a girl
Captains Son- everyone flexes and grunts
Polly Wants A Cracker- Two random people partner up. One person gets on their knee, the other sits on the others knee and squacks
Captain's Ball- Two random people partner up and dance
Rival Ship- Four random people partner up. Two people make a circle with their arms, one person jumps through (they're the cannonball) and the last person '"gets hit" by the cannon
Loose Cannon- The captain points to a random space and counts down 3 2 1, and everyone needs to get out of that space before he gets to one.
If someone doesn't do the captains commands quick enough, they are kicked off the ship




To be the last of the crew
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Submitted by: Wes Abdi

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