To play, assign each team a mother (Mrs. Smith), a father (Mr. Smith), a boy (Tommy Smith), and girl (Sally Smith), a bear, lion, and a giraffe. The idea of the game is: As the narrator reads the story, listen for your character to be named. As quickly as you can, jump up and run through the center of the two rows and around your row of chairs. Whichever team member gets back into his/her seat first scores a point for the team.

The Story

One day, Mrs. Smith (pause to let characters run) suggested to the family at breakfast, "Today is a beautiful day! Let's take a picnic and go to the zoo!" "Great!" said Mr. Smith (pause). I want to see the giraffe (pause)!" shouted Tommy (pause).
So Mrs. Smith (pause) packed a picnic basket and the whole family went to the zoo. When they arrived, it seemed as if everyone wanted to go visit the giraffe (pause). So the family went to see the lion (pause) first. Then Sally (pause) begged to see the bear (pause). After walking around for a long time, Mr. Smith (pause) said, "Let's have lunch." The whole time they were eating, Tommy (pause) was complaining because he had not had a chance to see the giraffe (pause) yet.
Finally lunch was over and Tommy (pause), Sally (pause), Mrs. Smith (pause), and Mr. Smith (pause) walked over to the giraffe (pause) enclosure. The giraffe (pause) was wonderful! The whole family had a great time at the zoo!

(There are 19 possible points.)


For this game, you will need two teams of players, with 7 people on each team. You will need a narrator. You will need a score-keeper. You will need 14 chairs, lined up in two rows, facing each other, with enough room to run in the center and around the outside of the lines of chairs.


Team members listen for their character to appear in the story, and race the corresponding member of the other team, running through the center and around the line of chairs, and getting back to their seat first to win a point for their team.
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Submitted by: Madeleine Gregg, (Program Director - FCJ TLC)

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