Suzy and her mother were on summer vacation. They had enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach and had stayed longer than they had expected. They were driving home, very late at night, when a fierce thunderstorm broke out. Suzy's mother could hardly see to drive. Then suddenly, in the glare of some lightening, they saw a house with a sign in front that said Welcome Inn. Suzy's mother thought it would be a good idea to stop for the night and go home in the morning. They parked in front of the door, hurried up the stairs which lead to the front door, and knocked. An elderly woman in rather outdated clothes answered the door with a smile. She welcomed them into the house as if she had been expecting them.

After enjoying a warm meal, the woman took them to a cozy room to stay the night. Suzy and her mother slept soundly. When they awoke in the morning, the elderly woman could not be found. They decided to leave some money and a thank you note on the front hall table and be on their way.

A few miles down the road , they stopped for gas. While paying for the gas, Suzy's mother told the station attendant about the wonderful night they had spent at the Welcome Inn. With a look of surprise, the station attendant told Suzy's mother that the Welcome Inn had burned down twenty years before and the old woman who ran the place had lost her life in the fire. Suzy and her mother went back to the Inn in disbelief. But, when they arrived at the place where they had spent the night, all that they saw was a singed sign and the shell of the house. Where the front hall had been, there was a dilapidated table and on the table was the envelope containing their thank you note and money.
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