The group assembles in an outdoor area with open fields and wooded edges. Players are asked to stay within outlined boundaries, set by the leader. The leader calls out one of the instructions listed below, and players are given 2 minutes to run and do or find whatever is needed. Everyone gathers in the center of the playing area to discuss each action or direction, before the next one is called. A great way to learn about the environment in a fun way!

1. Count something so that you know more about it after you have counted it than you did before you counted it.
2. Find objects that are: hard, big, high, dead, wise land use threatening soft, small, low, calming, sad, funny,
ugly, important on poor land use, unhappy, happy,
beautiful, unimportant off living wasteful useful.
3. Find a place where water has washed away the soil.
4. Look for an object that has a geometric shape in its structure. Think about how that form is related to its function.
5. Find and bring back a sound that makes you feel;
angry, sad, beautiful, afraid, happy, tough.
6. Find an unpleasant odor. Can you describe the smell? Find an odor that you like? Describe it. Can you think about why some things smell good and others don't?
7. See if there is anything you can do to change something that makes you sad.
8. Describe something of power.
9. Find the oldest thing and try to guess its age. What are ways of determining the age of something?
10. Find an object that has the texture of:

11. Find a change that is predictable.

12. Find the highest thing and the lowest thing.

13. Look for a natural object that has five parts.

14. Find an object that has at least four colors showing.

15. Take a familiar object from the unnatural environment. Find and demonstrate a new use for it in the natural environment.
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