Discussion can be educational, stimulating and filled with sharing. These situations may provide good discussions about safe camping practices.

1. You and your group have eaten some fish which had been caught the night before. Two of your campers become very listless and you start to vomit.

2. When you wake up in the morning, four of your five canoes are missing.

3. You finish a portage and one of your campers with a history of asthmatic attacks finds that he cannot breathe.

4. Your trip has settled in for the night and everyone is just about asleep. Suddenly a group of motorcyclists arrive planning to camp right next to you. As they prepare, you realize that the language and drinking with this 'gang' is becoming rather vile and excessive. Your campers are becoming frightened.

5. You are camped on a point of land and you see a bear approaching your campsite. It appears that he is not afraid of the noise you are making.

6. You are at the end of a portage and realize that one of your campers is missing. You retrace the portage but can't locate him.

7. It is late at night. You notice that one canoe and one camper are missing. Everyone else is asleep.

8. A camper eats poison berries and soon has stomach cramps.

9. Because a pack is too heavy for a small boy he trips and falls backwards. He says his back is sore and that he can't move.

10. In a relatively small tent, one of your campers becomes quite hysterical as a result of claustrophobia. He starts to thrash around the tent, letting in many mosquitoes, creating chaos for everyone.

11. A skunk got into your campsite and surprised one of your campers who got a direct hit. Some of the spray got in his eye.

12. A camper develops a stomachache on your trip. You are not sure whether the pain is caused by a physical factor or a psychological factor.

13. A camper dives into the water, hits his head and doesn't come up.

14. A camper complains of severe pains in his abdomen and you suspect appendicitis.

15. You wake up at night and realize that a fire has started right beside your campsite. Potentially it is a very disastrous fire. Campers are becoming hysterical and panicky.

16. You are the last man over a portage. Halfway over you see poison ivy lining the trail and realize that everyone else must have just walked through it.
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