The group sits in a circle. You will need several objects which you can pass from hand to hand around the circle (ball cap, shoe, hackey sac etc.).

The leader starts by looking to the person sitting next to him with an object in his hand (lets say a shoe). He says “this is a shoe”. She responds “a what?”, he says ”a shoe”, she says ”a what”, he says ”a shoe”, she takes the shoe and says ”oh, a shoe”.

She then turns to the next person and starts the same interaction with that person. The leader can then add more items into the mix, starting the same way, and joining into to same rhythm already established by the shoe.

The goal would be to have as many items going around as there are people in the circle, so you are turning to one person and saying what an item is, and saying “a what” to the person on your other side, ready to receive their item.

You can also try fewer items, but get them going in opposite directions. Hilarious!
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