One person is chosen to be first. That person stands so that everybody can see them from head to toe, turning slowly so that the whole group can see everything that person is wearing. (Turn in modeling fashion) that person then leaves the group after about 30 seconds of showing themselves, behind something, so that the group can't see them, they change three things that they are wearing so they are different. Example: watch on a different hand, ring on different finger, shirt untucked etc. Then they go back into the group and the group picks what has been changed. After 3 things have been guessed, the group picks another person to go through the whole procedure again.

Each person finds a partner and sits facing them. In round one the first person must observe the second for one minute. After one minute the second person will change one thing about their appearance, i.e. ring, crossed legs etc. while the other person closes their eyes. The first person must then guess what item the second person changed. The rounds continue by switching who the observer is.
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