Once, a young girl named Tian Xi was left alone in an apartment. Her parents were divorced and there was nobody living in the apartment. Before her parents left, they left her with a doll. One day, she was playing on the computer when she heard a eerie voice saying:" Tian Xi... I'm on the 1st floor." She got scared and started praying to a statue god. The statue told her if she hears the voice saying it's on the tenth floor, you will die. The next day she heard the same voice again but it's on the 7th floor. She got scared and quickly went to bed. The next few days, the voice says it's on the 8th and 9th floor. Then, one day, she heard the same voice again but it's on the tenth floor. She decided to check it out. Everything on the tenth floor was normal and nice. The doors were open and the lights were on. She breathed a sigh of relief but suddenly the doors closed and the lights broke. She heard the voice again, "Tian Xi.. I'm right.. BEHIND YOU!"--- Yell this to the person next to you
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Submitted by: Alexandria Goh

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