Once in the dead of the night there was an old woman in her house with her grandchildren. There was a knock at the door, the old lady, armed with nothing but an old rusted knife, gingerly opened the door. Standing there was the crazed lady her grandchildren called Mum. "Give me your children!" She yelled in her drunken voice. With one swift movement the old lady slashed the knife across the woman's hips and her body fell to the ground. Hastly the Old Lady slammed the door shut.

The next night the old lady heard 'tic tic sliiiide, tic tic sliiide' The Children came bolting to their grandmother, the old lady then walked out to the playground next door to her house. I have come for you said the crazed woman, no legs just a body and arms. The crazed womans nails dgged in the ground then slid along the ground, Tic tic sliide. The crazed woman slid over to the old woman then used her zombie like hands to guage the eyes of the old Lady. Blood started seeping out of the Old Lady, as she fell to the ground. Now as you pass by that very playground you may hear the feint sounds of Tic tic sliiide, tic tic sliide.


To scare kids but not cause Nightmares
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Submitted by: Jessey Dalla-Vecchia

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