Can be played in a small group or as a whole camp (for the whole camp, have campers pair up and share a "fruit name")

Give each camper (or pair of campers) a fruit name (one of four, ie:apple, orange, pear, banana). Have one camper sit in the middle (this camper is also named one of the fruits) and call out one of the four fruits.

Each camper who is that fruit gets up and tries to find an empty seat, while the camper in the center also tries to find an empty seat. There should be one camper (or pair) left in the center, who then calls out another fruit, and so on, until they get tired of it.

The caper in the center can call out more than one fruit at a time, OR "tip the friut bowl," at which time, everyone gets up and finds an empty seat.


Chairs or benches are a good idea so the campers know where the empty seats are, but not required. You can use any type of place marker.


The object is to NOT be the person in the center, but that person can easily get out of the center.
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Submitted by: Seanna Hayes

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