Fold three separate, different colored (preferably one green) pieces of tissue paper into a square approximately the size of a drink coaster so that there are around 6 or 8 layers.

Cut out a flower type shape (it doesn't have to be perfect and the more distinctive the petals, the better) of each color.

The green shape can be less flower shaped but should not be round either.

Layer the green shapes directly on top of each other but in a way that doesn't lign up the edges, then alternate the other two colors on top so the petals are intermingled.

Use a sharp object (pen tip, metal skewer, exacto knife, etc) to poke a small hole in the scenter of the corsage/boutonniere.

String a bead onto the center of a piece of gimp, pipe-cleaner, or hemp and then thread both ends through the hole and pull gently until the bead is in the center of the flower.

Gently tie a knot on the back - the extra 'string' can be used to tie around the wrist or attach a safety pin so it can be pinned onto the lapel.

Scrunch up the petals to give a corsage effect. Perfect before a fancy/themed meal or special camp activity (Ex. a dance).


Three colors of tissue paper, scissors, gimp/hemp/pipe cleaners, beads, safety pins.
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Submitted by: Jocelyn Wiens

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