Gather a large number of items—one of each—which can be picked up with varying degrees of difficulty with one’s toes: rubber band, marble, envelope, stuffed toy, coat hanger, pine cone, etc.

Arrange players, seated on the floor/ground, in a circle, each with bare feet (in order to use their toes for the game). Sprinkle the gathered items on the ground, inside the players’ circle. Number each player in order around the circle and ask each player to remember his/her number. Designate a large, empty container (sturdy, gift bags work well) for each team, located at opposite sides of the circle.

One team consists of odd-numbered players, one of even-numbered players. Explain that when a player’s number is called (the leader calls a pair of numbers at once: one odd, one even), he/she will scoot--not stand--to an item, grasp it with his toes, take it to his team’s designated bag, and drop it in. A player continues to retrieve objects for his team until another pair of players’ numbers is called, and those players take their place. The game ends when all items have been dropped in bags. The winning team is the team who has the most items in their bag.

Notes: 1. It’s a good idea if the leader keeps track of how many times each number is called, in order to give all players ample opportunities to play.
2. Players may be changed at mid-toe-grasp…when that happens, the former player must release his item immediately and take his place back on the circle.


2 receptacles, such as buckets, sturdy bags, bowls Large number of single items to be picked up with one's toes: marble, crayon, stuffed toy, envelope, etc. Leader with notepad & pen to facilitate


Quickly work within a team to accomplish a task
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Submitted by: Susan Pierce, (owner - Camp Butter & Egg)

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