You will need 2-3 rolls of toilet paper depending on the size of the group

1. Have the group sit in a circle

2. The leader tells the group to pretend that they are going on a camping trip overnight.

3. The group leader then passes out the rolls of toilet paper and tells the group that they'll need to bring enough toilet paper for one night in the forest.

4. Once they have taken their sheets, tell them that for every piece of paper that they took, they need to tell the group one fact about themselves.

(Or you could set it up ahead of time that they earn their toilet paper by revealing facts about sheet of TP for every bit of info!)


2-3 Rolls of Toilet Paper


Campers and staff learn about each other in a fun way!
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Submitted by: Marilyn Simmonds-Cole, (Camp Director & Creativity Diva - CreatiVe Intentions Kids' Camp)

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