This skit is best done by brave counselors to an audience of shocked campers... although it would work with anyone who was willing.

Any number of people are asleep on the ground. There is a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and a glass of water nearby. One person yells to another in the group that they need to get up for some reason for another. "Jane! It's your turn to wake the campers up!" or "Joe, get up, you're going to be late!"

The skit is funnier if the people are sleeping on top of one another, snoring, mumbling, tossing, etc.

The named person grumpily wakes up and proceeds to brush their teeth, even spitting back in the cup. They then go back to sleep. This process continues until every sleeping person has brushed their teeth (same brush, same cup).

The skit ends when the last person claims to need to take their medicine and chugs the whole glass of water.This gets pretty is often hard to get people who are willing to go third or fourth, but if you can... the campers will never forget it.
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Submitted by: Laurie Horstman

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