Special thanks to Adam Brown from Cairn for helping find the best on the web!

We evaluated sites based on 5 key factors, as further explained in Five Key Factors for a Fabulous Camp Website:

  1. Design
  2. Content & Message
  3. Functionality.
  4. Family/camper Interactivity
  5. Staff section

We don’t love everything about all of them, but here are some sites that have very cool features. These are not in any particular order...

  1. Camp Balcones Springs – http://www.campiscool.com/ -
    a. What a nicely designed site!
    b. Also, look at their URL – Camp is cool. “Go to camp is cool dot com.” That’s cool! I also like the “Welcome to the finest camp for your child” tag line.
  2. Camp Tioga –
    a. Great Design. Check out the camp counter on the top.
    b. Easy to navigate.
    c. Parent testimonials. Ooooohhhhh!!!
  3. Camp Louema
    a. Great Design, easy to navigate
    b. I like the activities chart.
    c. All the forms needed are prominently at top (as well as other important items.
    d. Great interactive logo (click the little play button on logo) with awesome messaging about camp.
    e. Click on the “Bonus Features” word on the front page. Very interactive, fun web page.
  4. Camp Timberlane
    a. Great design – a great camp feeling. See the “days til” posted on the tree?
    b. Excellent navigation.
    c. Lots of photos and news to give you a sense about camp.
  5. YMCA Camp Sloper
    a. This web page is done in-house, but is well maintained and neatly designed. If you are going to do it yourself, this is a very good effort.
    b. They’ve got great features to be interactive with families – volunteer opportunities, wish lists, etc.
    c. Camper’s only page with word puzzles and word scrambles based on camp lore.
  6. Camp Kandalore
    a. Fun Flash intro
    b. Once inside the site, it's easy to navigate.
  7. Cairn - www.ilovecamp.org
    a. See the url? Love that.
    b. They also do this site in-house. Lots of information, pictures, downloadable forms. And it's all current!
  8. Camp Robin Hood (Canada)
    a. The navigation bar takes you to very detailed information: packing lists,
  9. Camp Wahanowin
    a. Site is good, but check out the "Message Board" section.
    b. Adding a forum to your site allows you a variety of opportunities to interact with your staff, parents, and campers. This site uses a free software called "Web Wiz Forums" which can be used directly on the site. We've used PHPbb and love it.
  10. Camp Chippewa
    a. Lots of great information.
    b. A couple of different ways to navigate make finding your way around the site easy.
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