This activity starts off like the traditional name toss. In case you aren't aware, here are the common rules:

1) Arrange the group in a circle.
2) One person starts off by saying the name of someone else in the circle, and tossing the ball to them.
3) That person then in turn says the name of a different person, and tosses the ball to
someone else who has not yet received the ball.
4) That continues until everyone in the circle has received the ball once.
5) Generally, the objective is to pass the ball around the circle without dropping it. If the ball is dropped, the group restarts until completed without dropping.
6) You can add a "thank-you, (name)" from the receiving person if you like...


1) Once the group has accomplished the task as described above, add a second item (ball, rubber chicken, etc.) and instruct the group that it, too, must travel in the same pattern.

2) You can add more items as you see fit. For a more "team-building" type game, add 4-6 items, and hold the rules in place. For a more "ice breaker" type game, add as many items as possible, particularly goofy props, and you will see the group get sillier and sillier. You can slowly take props out after a few minutes and end on one last round of the name toss.


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