Before the activity look at tracks and have the kids make a list of similarities and diffrences between the types of tracks.

Devide the group into two groups and give each group a pencil and pad of paper. They are to record the story of the tracks you put out as best as they can and meet at the end of the trail.

Whistle to release them and meet at the middle. I gave the first team to arrive 1 puzzle piece and 2 puzzle pieces to the team with the most correct stories.(puzzle pieces were awarded because the team "Tribe" with the most at the end would not have to do the dishes during our camp out on the last day)

The kids loved it so much that they wanted to do the other teams trail. So we did!


You will need two trails of about equal length that intercept at the end. Or some sort of version of this. Use an old white bed sheet and devide it into 10 large pieces. On each piece create a story using tracks and any supplement object. For example, use mouse tracks that suddenly end at a hole or at a wing mark (add red paint if the mouse didn't make it or continue the feet if it did.) A coyote tracking a rabbit, Squirrel tracks that lead to a chewed nut. Place 5 sheets on one side of the trail and 5 on the other.


Learn to identify tracks Learn how to read tracks as events trail navigation
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Submitted by: Rene Stroud

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